Medical certificate must for domestic worker visa

The Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA) announced on Monday that from July 1, the requirements for the issuance of visas for domestic workers  will include the submission of a medical certificate from GCC-accredited medical centres in a worker’s hometown. The list of approved medical centres can be seen on

Applications submitted on the e-link without the medical certificate will not be accepted. While submitting the application form, besides the medical certificate, the applicants should submit the original and valid work permit issued by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority, a copy of the worker’s passport and a copy of the ID of the sponsor or legal representative and the one who submits the application.

The move is part of measures to ensure that foreign workers are free from contagious or chronic diseases and physically fit to work. The NPRA urged clients to follow to the new update and provide all the documents required to avoid delay in the processing of their applications. 

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