NPRA expands facilities for self-sponsored expats

The Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA) has announced that all documents required to obtain a self-sponsorship residence permit are mentioned on its website

This follows His Excellency Interior Minister ‘s Order No. 101 of 2018 to amend the rules of the Ministerial Order No. 74 of 2007 on granting self-sponsorship residence permits. The order allows granting of renewable permits for two, five and ten years. Earlier, renewable permits for only two years were issued.  

The Ministerial Order meets the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 based on sustainability, competitiveness and justice in all fields. It also integrates the efforts of all government authorities to develop services and procedures in accordance with the best international practices to provide facilities to support the best environment for development , economic activities and investment in vital sectors.  

The NPRA said it was dedicated to providing all facilities for the beneficiaries of the decision to ensure economic growth and reinforcement of Bahrain’s status as an international economic destination.  

Since the issuance of the order, 69% of the self-sponsorship residence permits were granted for ten years, 23% for five years and 8% for two years. This shows the investors consider Bahrain a secure economic destination. 

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